Snapchat, Sonu Nigam, and the tolerance of intolerance

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I was asked to prove that Evan Spiegel did not say ‘India is a poor country’.

I had pointed out that the SnapChat CEO never said those words. It was something an ex-employee of the company, who for what it’s worth was fired three weeks into his job, had said. Even if you were to disregard the sheer absurdity of asking someone to prove something like that, what is it with people waiting to get offended about petty little things?

Regardless of what Spiegel said or thinks, we ARE a poor country. We rank #122 when it comes to GDP per capita income. Fuck! Swaziland does better than us. Guess what rank Spain, the other country Spiegel presumably said was poor, is at? 33. Ninety positions ahead of us and guess how many fucks they gave? 0.

It must be us then. It would be an understatement to say that we don’t take criticism well. Anytime someone points out anything even remotely negative about our society, we turn on the ‘how dare you’ mode. If you’d happen to be an Indian citizen, you’d be not so politely advised to move to Pakistan.

Sonu Nigam tweets he doesn’t like waking up to azaan every morning and suddenly everyone is a defender of the religious rights of the muslims. Fuck my right to get a good night’s sleep, the religious freedom of the minorities must be protected. I loved how this one ended though, with Sonu Nigam rubbing it in the maulvi’s face with his shaved head. Such badassery! #MASSIVERESPECT.

And something happened with Katy Perry and Kali, which I didn’t bother looking into too much. Someone sent me a post with tweeps pissed off about this and I had a good laugh.

Somewhere over the course of time, we have come to expect such behavior. It doesn’t shock us anymore. We have a good laugh and move on to the next thing. Somewhere down the road, we have come to tolerate the intolerant. Or perhaps we were always that. I don’t know. But I do wonder how far would we go with this before it is too much? At what point do we come forward as a society, not individuals, and say that such behavior is bullshit? When would we learn to accept our warts and moles and try to work on them instead of bashing everyone that points them out?

Would love to hear your opinion on these. Peace Out! 🙂

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